“Teen Dream” By Beach House

For the last year or so, I’ve been trying to immerse myself in new music. My constant search of hidden treasures of the underground scene has led me to appreciate more the work of independent artists. I’m maintaining an open mind and embracing genres of music I never thought I would ever listened to.  This is the case of “Teen Dream” by Beach House, an album that in just a matter of weeks has earned my love and admiration.

My first impression was generally good. I loved the fresh beats; the absolutely gorgeous voice of Victoria Legrand and the simple but yet so powerful melodies of most of the tracks. The abstract tone of the lyrics makes it a little hard to encapsulate a definite meaning to their songs; however, I believe that the title of the whole album simply works as a hint. Throughout the listening process, the atmospheric feeling that I got was that of an absolute lighthearted and melancholic happiness; very similar to that gorgeous emotion of someone’s freshly in-love. Assuming that most of our best love memories happen in our teenage years, I get the feeling that the main objective of the album is to evoke those precious moments of our youth or simply remind us of how they used to feel.

“Teen Dream” captivated me to such a level , that I found myself not only playing it on repeat many times but even having one of the songs stuck in my head while I tried to sleep. I love when a song is capable to do that.  If I had to choose an immediate favorite one, it would be difficult. The first track: “Zebra” is beautiful and uncomplicated at the same time. (This could be said of the album cover as well.) Its instantaneous catchy combination of guitar and drums go together with the straightforward singing and the dreamy tonality of the background voices which makes this track so unbelievably upbeat that it became one of my favorite ones. However, “Silver Soul” was amazing too. Rhythmically undemanding, the track has such an amazing guitar tune and an astonishing vocal lyricism that I couldn’t stop thinking about the physical magnetism of a relationship. The following songs:  “Norway,” “Walk in the Park” and “Used to be” had the same effect. To me, the first five songs of the album are a delightful and compact whole. I’m sure I will be talking about them in next posts to come.

From the last part of the album, I choose “10 Mile Stereo” for its beautiful lyrics, “Real Love” for its striking instrumentation and “Take Care” for being a perfect ending to the album. This last song is not just a farewell but it also leaves you asking for more.  I found “Lover of Mine” and “Better Times” a little unfitting. Time would dictate if I can get to like them.

In overall, my first experience with Beach House was very pleasant to the ears and highly stimulating (emotionally speaking.)  Nevertheless, I’ll be researching a little bit more about the band and their lyrics so I can get a wider picture of what they are trying to express with their music. For now, I really recommend the album.

Rating 3 ½ out of 5


One comment on ““Teen Dream” By Beach House

  1. Helen,

    “I found myself not only playing it on repeat many times but even having one of the songs stuck in my head while I tried to sleep”. -ah, I LOVED this line you wrote.

    Only because I know exactly what you are talking about. I find that “Walk in the Park” is my go-to break-up song, but yet one that kind of mends the heart that broke. So odd, yet so amazing. I couldn’t agree with you more with how their sound kind of affects you.

    You did a wonderful job on this first post. Had nice grammar, spelling, syntax, listed your rating (although you gave it a 3 1/2 out of 5, it might seem obvious to you why you gave the album that rating, but just re-cap before you do the rating, so your audience knows exactly where your mind was at at the time of the rating).

    I am looking forward to seeing what else you’ve thought of Beach House! They’re going on tour this summer and coming to New York July 23rd. And, just because I want to suck you in further…they’ve released a new song

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