Teen Dream [For my ears only]

I’m a selfish person. Not with people but with knowledge. I love to know something before others so I can brag about it.  This applies especially to technology, films, and books and of course music. So, when I first listened to Beach House’s Teen Dream I knew I had to keep it secret.

Why? Because during these last weeks; I’ve felt such an emotional connection to the album that I just want Teen Dream to be one of my personal gems. However, in a possible regrettable move, I will express how I feel about this album… and why I think you should put it in a safe.

Does Teen Dream belong to the mainstream waves? – Absolutely not.

First, I believe that putting it in the radio makes it almost mandatory to impose a tag to it. Especially, when many stations are classified by the types of music they play. For example, Beach House is labeled as a dream-pop duo; but, I think is really hard to encapsulate their sound in a nine-letter word. They are beyond that. They have built their own musical universe full of melancholy and dark passion. You can’t classify that into indie or alternative. You can’t classify it at all.

Songs such as Zebra, Silver Soul, Norway, Walk in the Park and Used to Be construct such a beautiful whole that labeling it into a single genre, simply disenchants me.

Finally, in my own personal opinion, I believe that mainstream radio hurts the artist and his/her work… For example, before Adele won so many Grammy’s; I used to love her music. After her music started to be played on the radio; I would hear her songs being remixed to extremely awful levels. I wondered why an artist lets her work be treated this way. Is fame really that important?

I think that the pressure of record companies for profitable albums downgrades the quality of someone’s work by blocking his creativity. I don’t want that to happen to Beach House. (Even though, I doubt they’ll want to be in the spotlight too.)

It’s this underground scene, this appropriation feeling which makes me feel special. It’s a relationship between Beach House and me.

So, if you are part of the exclusive group of people who listen to Beach House, I advice you… keep it to yourself. Enjoy it as much as you can. Please your ears and nobody else’s. These bands don’t come around a lot.


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