Rush Limbaugh – The fish always dies by its mouth.


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It’s unbelievable the way we [media consumers] still become surprised at the stupidity we hear in the airwaves. Rush Limbaugh is just another fool who feeds the mainstream radio with absurdity and sensationalism. By calling Sandra Fluke (a Georgetown law student) a “slut;” he only demonstrates his mental inferiority and irrationality. However, he is free to do so. (A timeline about the whole issue.. here)

In matters of freedom of speech, Limbaugh can say whatever he wants to, even if it is insulting and despicable. I know this a complex topic, one that seems upsetting to many people for its relation to women’s rights and their sexuality; but personally, this is not about him and his speech; this is about the influence of his words.

Being the most –listened radio show in the United States, The Rush Limbaugh Show is a dangerous platform; where millions of listeners are bombarded with remarks like these. But the most concerning story behind this kind of shows (Sean Hannity’s, Glenn Beck’s) is how powerful they are in the media world. So when someone like Limbaugh dares to call a woman a slut, he is reaching lots of ears; including young and impressionable minds; which is what worries me the most.

While there are several campaigns to take him out of the air; (See campaign) I think Limbaugh will continue with his show. And even though; many companies are dropping their advertisements, and his radio station could cancel his show; I think there would be another place where he would do exactly the same. (Fox, I’m talking to you.)

So, just let him succumb to the public hatred of the liberals, democrats or as he likes to call them: terrorists. He is not the first and would not be the last (insert insult here _____) behind a microphone.

It is our responsibility to keep our brains away from his influence, (and any other similar idiot’s.)  Because at the end…the fish always dies by its mouth.




2 comments on “Rush Limbaugh – The fish always dies by its mouth.

  1. Hey Helen!

    Loved your little political comic. You have a great sense of writing and always intrigue me while reading. Great job voicing your opinion and giving insight to the story, well done.

  2. p.s.

    Helen! I was looking through your blog and cannot find the 3 other assignments for your classwork blog post section. I am so sad right now! Because you do such great work! You are missing the Huckleberry Fin post, the Bush Family Fortune post, and Frontline Topsecret America post. Feel free to go to the Professors blog to look up these assignments. Please get them in as soon as possible so your grade isn’t lowered by not doing these assignments and email me if you have any questions!

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