Radio-head…but what kind of radio? and whose head?

Credit to Joey Kilrain.

During the last years, Radiohead has been accepted by the mainstream and underground music scene as one of the most influential bands in music history.  Time magazine named it “One of the best bands in the planet.” (That list also includes my fellow Colombian band “Aterciopelados” which you should definitely listen to.) Radiohead has been in the cover of hundreds of music magazines such as the upcoming Rolling Stone… and it has lead musical festivals such as Glastonbury and more recently Coachella… (Full video of the concert.)

In spite of been recognized almost everywhere, Radiohead music is not your typical mainstream radio material.  Before Ok Computer was released in 1997, Radiohead had achieved some success thanks to singles such as “Creep,” “Fake Plastic Trees” and “High and Dry” from their previous albums Pablo Honey and The Bends. However, many radio stations believed their music to be “too depressing” and in the middle of the popular grunge movement they were seen as outsiders.   

Back in 1998, I would have guessed that Radiohead were a huge band.  I remember watching the Karma Police music video in the Latin version of MTV, in an age where rock music was more popular than today.   If I was to play Ok Computer on the radio back then, some singles might have made it to top 40. Nowadays, I think Ok Computer belongs to alternative/college rock radio stations… and I actually think is better that way.

Remember when I talked about Beach House and the sense of exclusivity I felt towards their music? I kind feel the same way towards Radiohead. (Even though the thought is absurd, seeing their whole sold-out shows in North America) I wished I was the only one who knew them. (And maybe every fan does, in their own way.)  However, at the same time, I wish people around me were more involved with Radiohead’s music. (That way, I wouldn’t be the only one faking falsettos while singing out loud in my car.)

For years I’ve tried to introduce my boyfriend to Radiohead’s music without success.  I suppose that Radiohead music is more about connections; either you love them or you hate them.  That’s why before listening to Ok Computer I would advise to first give it a listen to their previous albums (which personally, I think they are pretty good) … and then be ready… to listen  something different but awesome at the same time.  Maybe you could being with this…


One comment on “Radio-head…but what kind of radio? and whose head?

  1. Hey Helen!

    Great job with descriptions of how they’ve pioneered some festivals etc, however I really would have loved to have heard more on why you feel they’ve built a presence for being on the radio, at festivals, etc.

    Some links to some of the information being hyperlinked was cleaver, but make sure you post them at the end of the post as well :]

    Finally, you do have some grammatical mistakes, for example

    “I would advice”-this was in regards to telling people to give Radiohead a listen, it should have been advise. I know, a simple mistake to make, but make sure you take the time to revise your work before submission to avoid point deductions.

    Fantastic job done as usual!


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