Ron Paul in The Daily Show.

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I chose Ron Paul’s extended interview with Jon Stewart from the Daily Show, because I was interested to know a little bit more from him. During the national debates, I always thought he was a respectable republican.  Some of Paul’s proposals were really interesting, and the fact that he was the only who actually believes in what he preaches attracted me. I do not in any way support Republicans, and although I admit I prefer Democrats, I wished there were more than two political parties in the United States. (Can someone explain me why, a country of 300 million people is governed by bipartisan politics? Please?)

Ron Paul’s opinion about the war on drugs really impressed me. During the last months, some Latin American presidents, (Including Colombian’ president Juan Manuel Santos) have declared that the war on drugs has failed. That the huge amount of money spent in attacking drug traffickers has been useless. Nowadays, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia continue to be the major producers of cocaine, and even though their internal trafficking problem has decreased; countries like Mexico have seen the increase of violent drug-related crimes. To be a Republican, Paul opposition to the current management of the war drugs, left a really good impression in me. (Actually, after Obama’s futile trip to the Summit of the Americas in Colombia, the White House released a new plan to use preventive measures to fight drug abuse which is really interesting. You can read more about that here.)

Back to Ron Paul, I was interested in the way he uses words such as civil liberties and freedom of choice. I believe those are strong and appealing words, especially in modern society. No question he is so unpopular in his own party.  His position about overseas jobs, environmental laws were also attention-grabbing. As Stewart pointed out, Ron Paul his consistency is remarkable and that something that seems to be missing in current politicians; (well that, and common sense.)

I really felt that Jon Stewart could have asked stronger questions. He did give a chance to Paul to answer about things he definitely knew he could connect with the young viewers of The Daily Show. Maybe if Stewart had asked Paul’s opinion about important and controversial (which actually, they shouldn’t be controversial at all) such as abortion, gay marriage or immigration, we could have been able to see the real Republican version of Paul. Even though, I’m studying journalism and I love Stewart’s show, I believe that Stewart sometimes fails in making a little more uncomfortable his guests. This is where I believe journalism and satire separates from each other.

In overall, I enjoyed the interview but I feel it could have been better.  You can see the extended version here. 


3 comments on “Ron Paul in The Daily Show.

  1. Hey Helen!

    Glad you chose Ron Paul out of curiosity. Good distinction between satire and journalism.

    However! As wonderfully wonderful as you are, you are missing a bunch of classwork posts! The Filter Bubble, another extended interview, Top Secret USA, etc.

    Girl I don’t know what’s going on but try to do the rest for the rest of the semester!


    • Hey Christin.. Thanks for all the encouraging comments.

      First, I didn’t know we had to do another extended interview. I’ll check on that.

      The Filter Bubble post is called “The price of free” I realized I posted it under uncategorized. I already changed it. It should be posted under Weekly Response.

      I gotta check the others I’m missing. I can’t even remember Top Secret USA.

      Thanks for everything again.

      • Ah! Okay! Thanks Helen! I’ll change my roster now. And I believe it was two extended interviews if you didn’t do the one West Wing post, or something of the sort.

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