Avoid “waiting for the night…”

Credit to denofgeek.com

This is the only song I didn’t like from Violator. It seemed very promising from the beginning but it fell into absolute boredom. It’s one of those tracks which can easily be forgotten. The ensemble of different instruments is catchy, I’ll admit it, but its repetition drove me insane. It lacked the energy of the rest of the album. It didn’t have the upbeat and mystery that was plastered all over Violator. To me, it was very depressing.

And it’s not that Depeche Mode doesn’t try to do their best at making “Waiting for the Night” appealing. They introduce background whispering voices, changing the mood of the song a little bit towards the end, but there is not excitement, no passion, nothing. Plus, this is the only track in which I feel Dave Gahan is singing without putting any effort in it. The lyrics are average, nothing exciting at all.  I think it’s ironic that the whole theme of the song is desperation; because that’s exactly what I feel with its never-ending tediousness.

I don’t understand how this track made it to the final cut of Violator. The whole album is nearly flawless but this song ruined it badly. Maybe if it wasn’t so long, or if it was a little more vibrant and unpredictable, it will make a good track. I really don’t know what else to say. Probably that I wished there was an automatic skipping option so that I could simply ignore “Waiting for the Night.”

I’ll give this dreary track 2 out of 5… and I think I’m being way too nice. Hey! I won’t even put a youtube video! I refuse to put you through this!


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