Enjoy the Silence… really, enjoy it!

Credit to… jacyk70.blogspot.com

More than silence, this song is so beautifully crafted that it can be played out loud anywhere! Once again, “Enjoy the Silence” is a masterpiece.

This track came to me once again, thanks to Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. He remixed the song, and this version was included in Depeche Mode’s Remixes 81-04 album. The music video for that adaptation (Which was named: “Enjoy the Silence 04”) was shown extensively in Latin-American rock music channels; and that’s how I discovered the song. If I had to choose which one I like best, the original version or the remix, I will say both.

To me, the Violator’s version of “Enjoy the Silence” blows me away because it feels unbelievably modern and fresh. Electronic sounds are becoming more widely used; they have been adapted to many different types of musical genres, from alternative rock, pop, rap and even indie (among others.) It can easily be said that Depeche Mode was ahead of their time; or that at least, they understood the importance of breaking genre barriers and introduce blending elements to their music.

The characteristic leading rhythm of the song and the background electronic clashing sounds along with the mysterious voice of Dave Gahan invites you to relax and enjoy the track. Its melody is soft but upbeat at the same time, creating a very soothing atmospheric feeling.

I think the lyrics are pretty straightforward. The singer simply asks to the world to be quiet. Not a spoken word that could start an argument or a fight. He is claiming that words hurt, deceive, and separate us. The tranquility of his soul rests silently in his arms; the girl that he holds; the feeling that attaches him to her is not based on words only, is beyond that…

In this “modern” world, communication takes such an important part of our everyday lives, however I do believe that sometimes we become oversaturated by massive quantities of information. We’re constantly being bombarded by advertisements, political promises and absurd news; phones ring all the time and television and radio seem not to have a turn-off option anymore. It seems almost impossible to get a moment of peace in our lives. I think “Enjoy the Silence” makes you reflect on that.

I think the original music video shapes that idea even more. The king looking for a place where to rest; ends up in the top of a mountain away from everything. The World Trade Center version, (which was the one I first saw; ) it also conveys the idea of silent serenity. The towers can be seen as a symbolic icon of our civilization; a place that oversees the horizon, where you can simply find some type of serenity. (But you can even argue that the song which talks about the power of words, can easily be applied to the the WTC’s sad fate.)

For its amazing and up-to-date musicality and the reflective meaning of the lyrics and video, I definitively have to give “Enjoy the Silence” 5 out of 5.


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