Sweetest discovery…

Credit to… Chris Lee/Los Angeles Times

This track was intriguing. First, I didn’t like it at all because I thought it was too slow and uninteresting. But this pop-ballad-techno song won my heart after listening to it carefully. It was “the surprising song” of Violator by Depeche Mode.

The bass line which marks the soft rhythm gives “Sweetest Perfection” a really mysterious charm. The accompanying drum loop (which sounds as a snare drum) works perfectly along with the sporadic synth-pop sounds in the background. But definitely, the best part of the whole song is the additional string sequences towards the middle and the end of the song. It offers a dramatic twist that creates a refined sense of tension and release. The drum beat and the electronic sounds complement even more this part; which in my opinion is one of the strongest sections of Violator. Extremely pleasant to the ear and to my mind.

I also think that this is one of the finest song-writing in the whole album. Martin Gore who writes most of Depeche Mode’s songs; surprisingly brings his vocal abilities to the track. I think it works fine, but I’m left wondering if Dave Gahan would have done a better job.

And even though the lyrics make an obvious reference to drugs, I believe they are enigmatic. It seems logic (but wrong) to assume the relationship between rock stars and drug addictions, but I’m sure Gore is referring to a very different type of obsession. It might be the possessive power of an idea, or an overwhelming feeling of jealousy towards something or someone, but there is definitely something that consumes the singer. He calls this his “sweetest perfection;” because that’s what he perceives.

Finally, I’m really happy that I went through the whole process of listening to “Sweetest Perfection” a couple more times and not just discard it as junk. Sometimes that happens with some of the albums that I purchase. I have the bad habit of skipping a track just because it doesn’t attract me in the first couple of minutes and I might be missing something really good. And this is definitely the case with this song.

I rate this song 4 out 5 for having a different tone than the rest of the album, but I think that its instrumentation is probably the major factor for this high rating.

Lyrics found in http://www.depechemode.com


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