Violator by Depeche Mode – Final review

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It’s amazing to think that Violator is 22 years old. (I was still in diapers when it came out!) It is an album that feels contemporary even though the instrumentation is very eighties-ish. The lyrics are relevant as well, suggesting everyday life topics that range from pain, love, desire, fear, obsession, to faith.

“World in My Eyes” was the dancing sexy track of Violator; the one that I’ll happily play at a party nowadays. (I bet the crowd will go crazy!) Then, we have “Sweetest Perfection;” a really intriguing and captivating pop song. I found it to be one of the most singular tracks in the whole album. Guitars, drums, electronic synthesizer sounds, strings…just amazing.

“Personal Jesus” is without a doubt the heart of the album. It combines to perfection electric sounds, an amazing bluesy guitar riff, heavy drums and the incredible stimulating vocals of Dave Gahan. This can be a techno-pop anthem in all its glory.

Another track I rejected after my first impression was “Halo.” However, now that I’ve listened so many times, I respect it. It has a solid sound.  Subsequent to this, came the most unlistenable track of all, “Waiting For the Night;” an eternal soft ballad that failed to ignite any feeling other than despise.

And if “Personal Jesus” was the heart of the album, I think “Enjoy the Silence” was the brain of it. Here, Depeche Mode achieves glorifying perfection. Musically gripping, innovative and intense, this song will always remain as one of my favorite ones ever. Its lyrics are absolutely astonishing, and the music video will stay fixed in my memory forever.

“Policy of Truth” is also one of the most upbeat and sexier tracks in Violator, with a very distinct sound. “Blue Dress and Clean were a very good ending to the album with solid beats and singing.

In overall, I had high expectations for Violator and even though it wasn’t easy to assimilate it at first, it did make it me enjoy the music. I suppose that’s what matters at the end. Depeche Mode’s recent albums have not had as much success as the 90’s album, but you can’t argue that this British synth-pop band can rock heavily. Violator is a clean proof of that.  I rate it 4 ½ out of 5.

I leave you with a video of a Depeche Mode concert in Barcelona… so you can get a good dose of good music…


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